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Project for the setup of a foundation for the governance of open source software in a bioinformatics context; software that is not used by programmers; software for which the governance requires a community of users (life-scientists, biologists, clinicians, laboratory personnel, etc) as well as a community of programmers (bioinformaticians, informaticians, statisticians, etc)

This (obviously) is not a software project itself, so there is no source code. However, there are many actions to be taken and documents to be produced, and this Trac Wiki will be used to coordinate the efforts.

If you want to help set up this foundation, please send mail to the mailing list

Current Status

  • We are currently looking for organizations that are willing to endorse our initiative. So far, we have spoken with:
    • TNO and Maastricht University (NuGO consortium)
    • Netherlands eScienceCenter
    • Netherlands Metabolomics Center
    • LUMC, Human Genetics
    • UMCG, Morris Swertz
    • NBIC
  • Others we want to talk to are:
    • CTMM
    • Nestlé
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • ...
  • One we have enough endorsements, we will pass by all organisations asking them each for a small sum of money. None of the partners should be a major contributor, because we want to reach a situation in which no single partner is essential for the continuation of the efforts. The impression of stability is of utmost importance.
  • We would like to collect 100k Euro. We will use that money to get the foundation going and keep it running for at least one year, with some money to spare as a buffer.
    • Budget for 1 person to run the foundation: 60 k Euro
    • Budget for setting up and running the foundation: 10 k Euro
    • Budget for legal advice (software licenses, data sharing licenses etc.): 10 k Euro
    • Budget for design of web site(s): 10 k Euro
    • Budget for running web site(s): 10 k Euro
  • The first year should be used to make a sustainability plan: where will money come from in the future.

Interesting external links

Legal/formal documents

Background information:

Working plan:

For background, see:

A stub website is already set up at

For comparable projects, see Apache Foundation and its bylaws, Plone Foundation, Dojo Foundation and Codehaus manifesto.

Mailing lists

This project provides the following mailing lists.

Project lists

At the moment, we are using only foundation-devel to communicate about the work.

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