Making Taverna workflows available in Galaxy

For Galaxy and Taverna Users

  • you can now include Taverna workflows as part of your Galaxy workflows
    • the Taverna workflow will be made available as a Galaxy tool
  • you can search/browse existing Taverna workflows that are of interest from the myExperiment repository
  • let your Galaxy administrator know which Taverna workflows you want installed and he will do the rest
  • go to NBIC Galaxy server to for examples of installed Taverna workflows and try it out

For Galaxy Administrators

  • you need to install or otherwise have available a Taverna server that you can use
    • for testing purposes only you can use this server
  • you can install the Taverna to Galaxy generator and use it to generate the Galaxy tools, or
  • you can download the Taverna workflows as Galaxy tools directly from the myExperiment workflow repository
    • available in the 'Download' section of any Taverna2 workflow
  • you can then install the generated tool to your Galaxy server

Virtual Image

  • We provide a virtual image which has everything installed. It contains:
    • the NBIC Galaxy server (with some pre-installed Taverna workflows)
    • a taverna server
    • the Taverna to Galaxy generator
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