3 December 2013:

  • The current DVD is implemented with Varda.

6 March 2012:

  • Added a link between the User and Sample table.

17 December 2011:

  • Added disambiguation of variants.
  • Added more methods to find coverage and supporting evidence information.
  • Added a documentation page.
  • DVD now stores file names of the uploaded samples for regeneration purposes.
  • Rewrote the import and annotation scripts.
  • Removed obsolete files (previous import and annotation scripts).
  • Added deamonisation, the annotation is now a daemon instead of a separate process.

6 December 2011:

  • Modified the interface to deal with pooled samples. The BEDFile parameter is now a list of BED files, the poolSize parameter is gone. See the example client for more information.
  • Added better argument parsing and help for all client scripts.
  • Start of changelog.
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