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Welcome to project DISC

This is a project to coordinate the setup of the Data Integration and Stewardship Centre.

Mailing lists

This project provides the following mailing lists.

Project lists

  • disc-users: a list intended for general discussion on the project
  • disc-commits: a list that receives commit messages
  • disc-devel: a list intended for discussion among developers (subscription is restricted to registered developers)
  • disc-coordination: All people involved in coordinating work packages in DISC
  • disc-assembly: People involved in the DISC Assembly
  • disc-ct: Coordination Team for DISC

Source access =

If available, anonymous readonly subversion access works as follows:

  svn co disc

Write access is only available to registered developers.

You can become a developer by registering yourself if you haven't already done so, and requesting write access on the disc-users mailing list.

Starting Points

Other NBIC software projects

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