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#18 fixed Debug GSCF fetch assay data from metabolomics module s.h.sikkema@… business@…

Currently export assay data from GSCF gives an error:

An error occured while trying to get the measurement tokens from the Metabolomics module. This means the module containing the measurement data is not available right now. Please try again later or notify the system administrator if the problem persists. URL: http://localhost:8083/metabolomicsModule/rest/getMeasurements/query?assayToken=4ee30cff-216c-4402-9a78-bd02c3e7e38c.
#19 fixed When resizing the interpret data dialog, header column stays short s.h.sikkema@… business@…

Bug when resizing data interpretation dialog (try it and you'll see) - seen in Chrome

#20 worksforme Improve clarity of pop-up dialog s.h.sikkema@… s.h.sikkema@…

Right now it is probably not clear to new users what to do once they have opened the pop-up. It should be explained to them that they can:

  • choose a different sheet (if applicable)
  • choose different delimiter (if applicable)
  • transpose data if needed to make samples appear by row
  • assign file to an assay
  • choose a measurement platform

Ideally this should be done with a minimal amount of text. Would it be possible using a clearer title, and e.g. changing 'Assay:' to 'Assign file to an assay:', together with maybe one explanatory line below the title?

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