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#9 fixed Error when interpreting DiogenesMock.csv s.h.sikkema@… business@…
2011-08-01 12:35:36,988 [http-8083-2] ERROR errors.GrailsExceptionResolver  - Exception occurred when processing request: [POST] /metabolomicsModule/parseConfiguration/handleForm - parameters:
fileType: CSV
isColumnOriented: false
formAction: init
filename: DiogenesMockData.csv
Stacktrace follows:
	at org.dbxp.metabolomicsModule.ParseConfigurationController.getDataMatrix(ParseConfigurationController.groovy:130)
	at org.dbxp.metabolomicsModule.ParseConfigurationController$_closure2.doCall(ParseConfigurationController.groovy:78)
	at org.dbxp.metabolomicsModule.ParseConfigurationController$_closure2.doCall(ParseConfigurationController.groovy)
#15 fixed Update file viewer with rating s.h.sikkema@… business@…

This ticket depends on ticket #14.

The file list is used on the main page (for the list with uploaded but not yet mapped files) and on the assay page.

A few things should be added:

  • compute rating

1 = file uploaded 2 = file is linked to a study/assay 3 = all samples in the file are recognized in the assay 4 = all features in the file are recognized in the assay

  • generate rating comment (with the above status, also telling how much samples and features are recognized out of the total if present)
  • pass on color to uploadr

(e.g. green = clean data, blue = raw data, yellow = feature list)

#16 worksforme Improve data interpretation s.h.sikkema@… business@…

Enhancements to data interpretation dialog:

  • If sample names occur multiple times, only mark the first one, and add a warning to the Status message.
  • Mark recognized sample names with a green icon
  • One assay sample can only be mapped once in the database! Show a warning in the status message and do not show the sample names as mapped if they are already mapped in another file in the database.

In reality sample mapping is computed on the fly, so we might have to rethink this in the future... But at least warn the user.

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