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#19 fixed When resizing the interpret data dialog, header column stays short s.h.sikkema@… business@…

Bug when resizing data interpretation dialog (try it and you'll see) - seen in Chrome

#20 worksforme Improve clarity of pop-up dialog s.h.sikkema@… s.h.sikkema@…

Right now it is probably not clear to new users what to do once they have opened the pop-up. It should be explained to them that they can:

  • choose a different sheet (if applicable)
  • choose different delimiter (if applicable)
  • transpose data if needed to make samples appear by row
  • assign file to an assay
  • choose a measurement platform

Ideally this should be done with a minimal amount of text. Would it be possible using a clearer title, and e.g. changing 'Assay:' to 'Assign file to an assay:', together with maybe one explanatory line below the title?

#21 fixed Improve sheet selector s.h.sikkema@… s.h.sikkema@…

When there is only one sheet, hide selection box. When there are multiple, show how many there are. (Although this can be seen already by clicking on the select box)

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