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#13 fixed Create assay page m.s.vanvliet@… business@…

When uploaded files are assigned to a study/assay, they should be moved to the file list of that assay. This should basically view the same upload list, but filtered for just this assay. Also, when new files are uploaded in the assay view, they should be immediately assigned to this assay.

The assay page should contain:

Assay page

  • Assay info = summary of study: title, code, persons and assay (all properties), link to GSCF study
  • List of files = all raw and clean data files that are assigned to this assay

(when opening interpretation dialog, study/assay assignment should be disabled)

#14 fixed Enhancements for uploadr plugin work@… business@…

To implement functionality from the requirements doc, especially the file rating, the uploader needs to be updated with some extra functionality:

  • Enable color setting for each file (we will probably just use green, blue and yellow for now)
  • Enable display of a read-only rating consisting of 5 stars. The input will be a decimal between 0 and 1 where 1 maps to 5 stars. (we could also opt for an integer 0 to 5, we probably don't need half-filled stars)
  • A comment for the rating which is shown when the user hovers over the rating. This comment will explain how the file got this rating.
#15 fixed Update file viewer with rating s.h.sikkema@… business@…

This ticket depends on ticket #14.

The file list is used on the main page (for the list with uploaded but not yet mapped files) and on the assay page.

A few things should be added:

  • compute rating

1 = file uploaded 2 = file is linked to a study/assay 3 = all samples in the file are recognized in the assay 4 = all features in the file are recognized in the assay

  • generate rating comment (with the above status, also telling how much samples and features are recognized out of the total if present)
  • pass on color to uploadr

(e.g. green = clean data, blue = raw data, yellow = feature list)

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