Welcome to the metagenomics module for GSCF

This project aims to create a module for  dbNP for managing 454 sequencing data. The module uses the  GSCF project for saving the study data.

Installation and Configuration

You can install this module on your own server using the instructions on the Installation page. Make sure you also install an instance of  GSCF, since the module doesn't function without it.

Information about configuration can be found on the Configuration page.

Source access

If available, anonymous readonly subversion access works as follows:

  svn co https://trac.nbic.nl/svn/dbnp-metagenomics dbnp-metagenomics

Write access is only available to registered developers.

You can become a developer by  registering yourself if you haven't already done so, and requesting write access on the  dbnp-metagenomics-users mailing list.

Mailing lists

This project provides the following mailing lists.

Starting Points

Other NBIC software projects

All active NBIC software projects can be accessed from the  project index.