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(edit) @45   9 years robert Fix for the browser scrolling up when clicking edit run
(edit) @44   9 years robert Removed mass sample editing (to prevent the edit tags screen opening …
(edit) @43   9 years robert Improved sample editing
(edit) @34   9 years robert Renamed Metagenomics module to MassSequencing? module
(edit) @26   9 years robert Small fixes
(edit) @25   9 years robert Implemented uploadify as upload tool
(edit) @24   10 years robert Improved export of fasta files and added properties to assaysamples
(edit) @23   10 years robert Solved issue with select all (#31)
(edit) @21   10 years robert Solved issues with fuzzy matching (#23)
(edit) @18   10 years robert Fixed issue #11: export of excel sample data is now column wise
(edit) @17   10 years robert Better error handling during synchronization
(edit) @16   10 years robert Improvement of the synchronization error handling and changes for …
(edit) @15   10 years robert Decreased header size and added checkAll boxes to some dialogs
(edit) @14   10 years robert Implemented improved authorization (#16) Built in select all …
(edit) @13   10 years robert Improved user interface and implemented basic export functionality
(edit) @12   10 years robert Implemented basic exporting functionality
(edit) @10   10 years robert
(edit) @9   10 years robert
(edit) @7   10 years robert - Created tests for the synchronization and trash - Improved …
(edit) @6   10 years robert Resolved two bugs in synchronization: - full synchronization didn't …
(edit) @4   10 years robert Implemented trash in order to prevent deletion of data
(edit) @3   10 years robert Externalized configuration; improved assay view (detail views of runs …
(add) @2   10 years robert Initial import of basic functionality
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