List of assays in the trashcan

Currently the trashcan is empty.

<% def assaysamples = assay.assaySamples.sort { a, b -> <=> } %>
Type Name # samples # sequences Tag sequence Oligo number Files
Assay ${} ${assay.assaySamples?.size()} ${assay.numSequences()} - - ${assay.numFiles()} Restore assay Delete assay forever
Sample ${} ${assaysample.numSequences()} ${assaysample.tagSequence} ${assaysample.oligoNumber} , , Restore sample Delete sample forever

You can restore the data of this assay. Please choose which existing assay this data belongs to. The system will try to match the names of the samples in the trashcan with the samples in the assay you choose.

You can restore the data of this sample. Please choose which existing sample this data belongs to.