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1<h2>Edit run</h2>
3        Please enter data about the run below. Only the date is required.
5<% /* Test whether this run is used in other assays */ %>
6<g:if test="${run.assays.size() > 1}">
7        <p>
8                <strong>Caution</strong>: other assays are also associated with this run. Your changes will
9                also be propagated to these assays.
10        </p>
13<g:form name="editRun" controller="run" action="update" id="${}" params="[]">
14        <g:hiddenField name="run_id" value="${}" id="edit_run_id" /><br />
15        <label for="name">Name</label><g:textField name="" value="${}" id="edit_run_name" /><br />
16        <label for="date">Date</label><g:textField name="run_date" value="${formatDate(, format: 'yyyy-mm-dd')}" id="edit_run_date" /><br />
17        <label for="supplier">Supplier</label><g:textField name="run.supplier" value="${run.supplier}" id="edit_run_supplier" /><br />
18        <label for="machine">Machine</label><g:textField name="run.machine" value="${run.machine}" id="edit_run_machine" /><br />
19        <label for="parameters">Parameters</label><g:fileUpload name="editParameterFile" value="${run.parameterFile}" /><br />
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