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  • Added sequence length histograms
  • Fixed bugs in files that remained on the file system after uploading (while they shouldn't)
  • Added extra options in run- and assay screens
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1<div id="addFilesDialog" class="dialog">
2        <h2>Upload sequence files</h2>
4        <g:form name="addFiles" controller="fasta" action="showProcessScreen" id="${}">
5                <input type="hidden" name="entityType" value="assay" />
6                <p>
7                        Select sequence (.fna, .fasta) and quality (.fqa, .qual) files to upload. It is possible to zip the files before upload. You can add multiple files, if needed.
8                </p>
9                <p>
10                        The filenames should match the sample names of the samples they belong to. It is also possible to provide an
11                        excel sheet to describe which file belongs to which sample. The format should be like this <g:link controller="assay" action="downloadMatchExcel" id="${}">example</g:link>, with each fasta file appearing once.
12                </p>
13                <g:fileUpload name="sequencefiles" value="" multiple="${true}" onUpload="handleFileUploadData" onDelete="deleteProcessButton"/>
14        </g:form>
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