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Initial import of basic functionality

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1<div id="addFilesDialog" class="dialog">
2        <h2>Upload sequence files</h2>
4        <g:form name="addFiles" controller="assay", action="process" id="${}">
5                <p>Select the run these files belong to.</p>
6                <p>
7                <g:select name="selectedRun" from="${assay.runs}" optionKey="id" optionValue="name" />
8                </p>
9                <p>
10                        Select sequence and quality files to upload. It is possible to zip the files before upload.
11                </p>
12                <g:fileUpload name="sequencefiles" value="" multiple="${true}" onUpload="handleFileUploadData" onDelete="deleteProcessButton"/>
13        </g:form>
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