Peregrine Releases


What's new


What's new

  • Solved ticket #12, #16, #20
  • Moved the reference test and the acceptance test sources to its own project.
  • Changed project to download the dataset from trac


v1.0 is the first public, stable, open-source release of Peregrine.

What's new

  • Added keyword filter support for disambiguation
  • Integrated snowball normalizer for other European languages
  • Added additional cache support in normalization
  • You can specify in which languages the ontology (for DB ontology only) should be loaded: peregrine.ontology.languages in
  • Precision and Recall have been improved, recovering loss that was seen in earlier versions.

All versions below here are internal releases only. They are not available to the public, and links are either protected or broken.


What's new

  • Peregrine WS/RMI installer is implemented (RT#213).
  • Added support of modifiable ontologies (RT#214).
  • Added multi-language support (RT#114).
  • Improvements for non-maven consumers of peregrine library.
  • Changes in disambiguation API
    • Previously: Indexing procedure created disambiguation information enriched objects not depending or whether disambiguation step will be taken afterwards.
    • Now: Disambiguation results where represented as accompanying objects, created next to indexing result objects.
    • Previously: Depending on further processing steps indexing step creates objects of two types: light-weight and disambiguation information enriched ones.
    • Now: Disambiguation results are aggregated into indexing results.


What's new

  • Peregrine WS implementation and RMI interface are available.
  • <tt>caseSensitive</tt> property has been renamed to caseInsensitive (impacts TermId interface and SQL Schema).
  • Added Ontology#getTerm(Term.Id) interface method.
  • Implemented keyword positions.
  • Reorganised test resources: now test ontology can be shared among projects.

Complete list of changes

  • Renamed TermId? to TermIdImpl?.
  • Unified dependency library versioning across all POM files.
  • Improved WS implementation: fixed <tt>IndexingResult?</tt> JAXB annotations, introduced independent WS interface (RT#65).
  • Implemented more fine file ontology hierarchy.
  • All classes that took part in RMI interaction should be <tt>Serializable</tt>.
  • Common tests for Peregrine interface.
  • Adding SVN build number to maven artifacts when making a release.
  • Made Concept#disambiguationType property optional with default value.


What's new

  • Peregrine: re-uses common XSD types (RT#119)
  • Class diagram sequence diagram is available in wiki (RT#120)
  • DB Ontology was implemented (RT#121)
  • File Ontology was implemented (RT#122)
  • Compound ontology was implemented (RT#123)

Complete list of changes

  • Improved testing of flyweight processing interface in case when processing is aborted.
  • Marked database Ids as optional list.
  • Added line indexes to error message reports for grammar parser.
  • Added transaction support to DB ontology.
  • Simplified FlyweightProcessingOntology interface.
  • Implemented FileFlyweightProcessingOntologyImpl that can read ontologies from compressed sources.
  • Implemented modifiable SQL schema for ontology. Made all entities serializable. More correct and efficient buffered iterator implementation.
  • Added UTF-8 support for random-read files.
  • Corrected the lazy initialisation of concept ID map in file ontology. Improved unit tests.

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