What do you need to run Peregrine?

Peregrine will run fine on Mac OS-X, Linux, as well as Windows. For any serious size ontology, a 64 bit operating system is necessary.

Peregrine requires Java version 7 or up. For most systems you can just download and install Java 7 from the Oracle website]. For Debian 6 you can follow [[ these instructions to install it through APT.

Peregrine can run multi-threaded. This means that if your program using it is multi-threaded, you will benefit from a multi-core / multi-CPU system.

Disk space is not an issue. Peregrine development and running will take an insignificant amount of space on the disk in comparison with modern operating systems.

System memory is critical. Peregrine achieves its speed by loading the complete ontology and all associated search structures in memory. For our example ontology this takes up a few hundred megabytes of memory, but for a serious ontology with 10 million concepts each containing 20 terms on average, the memory usage could easily go up to 20 GB. For large ontologies, loading Peregrine can also take significant time (our own web deployment takes 8 minutes to start). Therefore: If you plan on running many small jobs, you may want to deploy your own peregrine as a service rather than re-starting it every time you run your software.

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