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Attendees: Rob Hooft (NBIC), Erik van Mulligen (EMC/S&T), Reinout van schouwen (LUMC), Bharat Singh (EMC), Leon Mei (NBIC), David van Enckevort (NBIC)

2013-02-26, Erasmus MC

review of last sprint

  • Sabiar has some issues with installation. So documentation is not good yet. Bharat will report it at user mailing list.
  • Erik can change ontology now. But the Java stack trace is still difficult to understand. Some remark about "Erik successfully added new fields into ontology to store such relationships." When field is wrong, it is difficult to figure out where is the problem. Ontology parser should be improved. But are we moving to SKOS?
  • Ticket should have a more clear use case.
  • We did schedule more than we actually managed to do, because we were too optimistic about how much time we would be able to spend.

move lvg 2006 to 2013

  • LVG2013 difference. AP: Bharat will identify a list of terms to check the normalization difference, e.g. incubation, ass, etc.
  • Use lvg2006 data file dir for with lvg2013. AP: Bharat will check if it is working.

Target of release 1.2

  • java 7 + documentation.
  • repopulation of the binary cache using lvg2013? First check if this is really needed, need to discuss the best way to go.
  • all rest tickets will be moved release 1.3

support to Peregrine (Anni) after NBIC

  • Depending on the future of the BET team.

Next sprint

  • f2f meeting before April 13rd.
  • One skype meeting inbetween.
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