Data Analysis Framework

Data Analysis Framework (DAF) is an infrastructure program providing data processing services based on integrated tools. DAF is open source and the source code in java is available

You can use the data processing services provided by DAF by clicking on the orange "+ Join DAF" button.

Netherlands Bioinformatics for Proteomics Platform (NBPP)
Netherlands Bioinformatics Center Netherlands Proteomics Centre

Netherlands Bioinformatics for Proteomics Platform (NBPP) is joint initiative of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Center and the Netherlands Proteomics Centre. The goal of NBPP is to provide user friendly, high-throughput data processing services to analyse proteomics LC-MS data based on open source tools or tools developed and available within the Platform members. These services are provided by Data Analysis Framework using the Dutch Life Science Grid and other computational clusters of the platform members.

We provide for users 10 TB disk space, which can be used to upload the initial input files and store the processed data. Data processing services of DAF are acting only on data stored in user disk space, which can be accessed by user-friendly web upload and download services.

The list of available data processing services based on standalone tools can be found under the Services menu, and the list of available workflows can be found under Workflow menu.

The Platform is only started recently, and the number of available service based on standalone tools is 1 and no workflow is implemented. We are currently working to add new standalone tools and workflows and extend the ability of DAF to connect with web service based workflow managers (e.g Taverna, Kepler) and Galaxy.

Recently added services