New releases of ConceptWiki will be made only when there are structural changes to the data. To support versions we maintain several namespaces.

  1. Always points to the latest stable release
  2.<version>/ Points to a specific version. e.g.
  3. Points to the OPS 1.2 release of ConceptWiki. This version is deprecated and will be discontinued at the end of 2013.
  4. NBIC Continuous integration version. This version might disappear at any moment.

Which version to use

Applications linking to ConceptWiki should always use the latest stable release namespace. Only in rare cases it should be necessary to pin to a specific release. Specific releases will not be kept alive indefinitely. Applications should never link to the Continuous integration version of ConceptWiki since this version is meant for integration testing and might be non-functional or not available.

Version rationale

The version numbers used here are only to distinguish specific versions and do not have any semantic value. It is a sequential number, the first number issued was 3, before that we had releases that were not versioned.

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