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If available, anonymous readonly subversion access works as follows:

  svn co brs2010p29

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You can become a developer by registering yourself if you haven't already done so, and requesting write access on the brs2010p29-users mailing list.

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Installation of PhyloProfiler

This section describes the installation procedure for the PhyloProfiler Galaxy tools.


R packages

LaTeX packages

The following LaTeX packages were installed (extracted using dpkg --get-selections | grep tex). Note however that not all packages might be required. As a strategy please firstly follow the OS guide for installing LaTeX, testing the software and install further packages based on possible error messages.


and can be installed with sudo apt-get install texinfo texlive on Ubuntu or Debian systems.

Testing LaTeX

Included is a 'test' directory containing Please see the included README.txt file for instructions. If this test succeeds, a PDF file is produced in the output folder with a report on the given data.

Galaxy Tool Installation

  • Checkout from SVN in the Galaxy tools folder:
    cd galaxy-central/tools
    svn co [] phyloprofiler

The PhyloProfiler tools run R scripts for processing the data for which R needs to know where the actual scripts are (phyloprofiler/rscipts). Therefore, please note the absolute location of the installation location (such as galaxy-central/tools/phyloprofiler as used above) and change the path in all XML files to reflect the location:

  • report.xml on line 4
  • filter_data.xml on line 5
  • compare_subsets.xml on line 4
  • dataconv.xml seem to have missed this update, will be tested
  • Add the following section to Galaxy's tool_conf.xml:
    <section name="PhyloProfiler” id=”phyloprofiler”>
        <tool file=”phyloprofiler/dataconv.xml” />
        <tool file=”phyloprofiler/filter_data.xml” />
        <tool file=”phyloprofiler/compare_subsets.xml” />
        <tool file=”phyloprofiler/report.xml” />
  • This added the list of PhyloProfiler tools to the Galaxy tool menu
  • Editing the tool_conf.xml file requires a restart of Galaxy
  • Verify that the PhyloProfiler section has been added to the tool menu after the restart
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